Our Mission

The mission of JCDS, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School, is to provide a premier education that:

  • Nurtures each student’s capacity for intellectual discovery and decision-making within a respectful, pluralist, bilingual Hebrew-English environment,
  • Gives our graduates the ability to create their futures informed by Jewish values, texts and culture, and to make a difference in their communities and in the world,
  • Kindles the flame of lifelong learning in all its constituencies and serves as an inspirational model of innovative, effective and joyful teaching and learning beyond the school.

JCDS is committed to creating an environment that nurtures the whole child and enables each child to reach his or her highest potential. The school strives to empower children to acquire knowledge and academic skills in a variety of disciplines, develop intellectual curiosity, experience the excitement of learning and exploration, gain understanding and respect for self and others and build physical and emotional well-being. The school provides an environment of academic excellence and cultural integration in which Hebrew and English are spoken throughout the day. It emphasizes awareness and appreciation of individual and group differences, teaches Jewish social and moral values and promotes a strong Jewish identity. The school is non-denominational and attracts participation across the spectrum of Jewish life.

The school recognizes each child as an individual learner in terms of talents, capabilities, styles of learning, personality characteristics and needs. Hence, the school provides both individual and group contexts in which children can study at their own levels and develop their personal strengths and self-esteem while being challenged to excel in a dynamic community. JCDS is committed to excellence in both secular and Jewish education. The success of each depends on the same strategy: encouraging and challenging the curiosity of our children in an open, supportive and respectful environment.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence

JCDS’ course of study is rigorous and intentional, yet flexible and personalized. Academic Excellence is built on strong skills, citizenship, and Jewish literacy set in a nurturing and relaxed atmosphere.

Intentional Pluralism

JCDS fosters curiosity, cherishes varied perspectives, engages students, and welcomes every family as a partner. JCDS’ Intentional Pluralism  embraces families from a broad range of Jewish expression, practice, and belief through our shared traditions, texts, and language.

Hebrew and English Throughout the Day

In JCDS’ cutting-edge Hebrew instruction program, students experience and learn both Hebrew and English Throughout the Day in a single, integrated curriculum, which connects our teaching units across disciplines and between Jewish and General studies.

Joyful Jewish Community

JCDS is a Joyful Jewish Community that learns and celebrates together in rich, colorful, and meaningful ways. The creative community spirit and school mission go well beyond the walls of JCDS, for events like lifecycle celebrations, Shabbat meals, and weekend soccer games.

Whole Child

At JCDS, each child is known by the faculty and administration. A culture of caring teachers, parents, and peers supports the high aspirations of our hard working students. This Whole Child approach leads to students who grow to be the best version of themselves.

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