School Sparks: STEAM WEEK 2020 Was Out of This World!

By Jared Matas,
Director of STEAM Innovation
Last week, JCDS students learned about the heart, computer algorithms, water filtration, and even met with an astronaut, all as part of JCDS STEAM Week 2020.
Astronaut Jeff Hoffman, the first person to read Torah in space, regaled our students with tales from his five trips aboard the Space Shuttle, including a space walk to adjust a mirror on the Hubble telescope by a fraction of a millimeter. Did you know what happens to a dreidel spun in zero gravity? It never stops spinning.
Students welcomed a plethora of additional special guests, making a rich menu of learning experiences under the broad umbrella of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and for the first time this year, Arts.
In a presentation from New England Sci-Tech, fourth and five graders explored the galaxy with interactive exhibits that included weighing themselves on Jupiter, touching an actual piece of the moon, trying to lift part of a meteorite and examining a dinosaur egg.
First graders measured their heart beat, fourth graders became music moguls and 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders explored bubbles, integrating perspectives from both scientists and artists. Stay tuned for a beautiful bulletin board which will display the bubble artwork.
The School Sparks blog appears periodically by various writers among the JCDS educational team. Learn more about JCDS, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School.

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